Natural Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis

In this section, we’ll be talking about natural cures for bacterial vaginosis and trying to determine if they are effective or safe to use; – and what type you can use in treating BV so you don’t run any risk of recurrent bacterial vaginosis or risk having other related complications. I’ve also included 6 of the most used and most effective natural cures for this infection.

Why do symptoms of BV return within 3-6 weeks of using antibiotics?

Most women who have tried to treat Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) using antibiotics like metronidazole for BV have found out that the symptoms usually return within 3-6 weeks after treatment. The reason for this is not that antibiotics are ineffective, it is because of the effect that these drugs have on the healthy bacteria. However, antibiotics are usually fast acting in treatment of BV and that is why they are used in treating severe or chronic cases of Bacterial Vaginosis.

Using Natural Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis as a better option for treating BV

Natural cures for Bacterial Vaginosis are far more superior to antibiotics. Natural products like garlic or yoghurt work by strengthening the healthy bacteria and assist in fighting off the bad bacteria. Moreover, they also destroy and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria like Mobiluncus.

In contrast to antibiotics, natural cures rarely have adverse side effects. But before you start using natural treatments to treat BV you need to get an accurate diagnosis that you have BV only and not any other type of infection.

Common symptoms for bacterial vaginosis are usually:

- Foul fishy odor which is very strong especially after intercourse or when a woman is in her periods. This smell can cause you embarrassment before your colleagues or friends.

- Itching around the vaginal area but not that severe

- Abnormal vaginal discharge which is gray in color.

- More than your normal amount of vaginal discharge.
Sometimes these symptoms may not show. So you’ll need to go to the doctor from time to time for thorough tests like the whiff test.

Are natural cures for bacterial vaginosis effective?

Some women claim that natural cures for Bacterial Vaginosis are not effective or they are too slow? Contrary to this belief, natural cures have a 90% success rate in curing BV symptoms if used correctly. In some cases women have found relief within 2-4 days of treatment. Another advantage of natural cures is that BV symptoms rarely come back after treatment unlike using antibiotics where there is a high probability for recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis.

Here are some of the most helpful and most used natural cures for Bacterial vaginosis:

1. Cranberry Juice
Drink pure cranberry juice which is effective in eradicating the infection due to its strong acidic content. Two cups a day should do. Do not drink cranberry cocktail with sugar in it.

2. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is one of the best natural cures for getting rid of the fishy unpleasant smell caused by BV. Just add several drops to your bath and soak in it for 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can dip a tampon in the oil and carefully insert into the vagina. To reduce the burning sensation, you can dilute the oil with water. Apart from getting rid of the smell, this oil kills the bacteria which cause BV due to its powerful antibacterial properties.

3. Colloidal Silver
This is another beneficial natural solution which can be used for douching. Mix 20 parts of distilled water with 1 part colloidal silver. Soak one end of the tampon in the mixture then gently place in the vagina for about three hours. Colloidal silver is also available as a supplement which you can consume.

4. Yoghurt
This is one of the best cures for bacterial vaginosis. Many types of yoghurt have healthy bacteria which combat the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the vagina. It can be used in two ways. The first is to consume at least 8 ounces of yoghurt (any flavor) a day. This is roughly around two cups. The second option is to soak a tampon in plain yoghurt then insert it directly into the vagina for 1 hour but only if you are not pregnant.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has both antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it very effective in combating BV. Add 1 or 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in your bath then soak in for 15-20 minutes. This solution also helps in getting rid of the fishy odor.

6. Garlic
Besides BV, garlic is also used to treat many other ailments like colds, joint pains etc. This is because of its natural antibacterial components which help in combating harmful bacteria. Peel the garlic and wrap it in gauze then insert into your vagina for about 3 hours before removing it. You can also take two garlic capsules a day if you find the first option (which is more effective) too cumbersome for you.

Apart from these natural cures which I have elaborated, you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from foods with excess sugars and fats. Last but not least, remember to maintain good genital hygiene.

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