About us

BVOFF.COM is a website dedicated to teaching women how to get rid of their bacterial vaginosis. The tips/products outlined on this website will treat any type of BV no matter how chronic or how recurrent it has become. The website can also be used as a general source of information/research on bacterial vaginosis and other vaginal abnormalities.

We have been around for a long time and during this time we’ve helped thousands of women world wide; teaching them some of the best available options they have to treat, and completely get rid of their bacterial vaginosis.

BVOFF.COM will be of special help to women who are struggling with Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis and have been trying for a long time to treat it, but failing to do so.

Read through the posts, and please don’t forget to drop comments. If you think something was good, bad, or doubt anything, please use this email address to contact us – anytime.